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The 5-step plan to buy a house in Almeria

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

5-step plan according to East Flemish Kim Couckuyt, office director in Ghent at Azull.

Step 1: In which region of Spain do you feel at home?

“Many prospective buyers make the same mistake: they see a nice picture of a beautiful Spanish villa on the internet and immediately want to buy it. They have not yet thought about where that property is located and whether that region suits their expectations. “It's all Spain after all,” he says. But nothing could be further from the truth, there is a world of difference between, for example, the Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca. That is why our first advice is always: first look for which region suits you best and then look for a property.”

As a property hunter in Spain, I can help you get to know the regions in Almeria during our search for your new home in Spain.

Step 2: What do you like to do when you are in Spain?

“Think for yourself what your ideal day in Spain looks like. Would you rather spend the whole day on one of the Spanish costas or do you prefer the more lively neighborhoods? This also has a major impact on the region where you can find your dream home. If you like to enjoy the beach, it is better to buy something in Alicante or Murcia. Those who like to spend time in peace and quiet among the mountain landscape will feel more at home in Malaga or on the Costa Del Sol. Buying a house in Spain is much more than just the number of bedrooms and the cost: it is also a combination of the locations and activities.”

Step 3: Always consult a lawyer to buy a house in Almeria

“Spanish notaries cannot be compared to Belgian ones. With us they usually play an important investigative role, but in Spain the role of the notary is largely limited to recording what the parties tell him,” says Couckuyt. “Therefore, always be assisted by a lawyer. For example, he checks whether there are no debts linked to the property and whether there is a mortgage on it. Know that debts in Spain are not linked to an owner, but to the property. For example, if the seller has not paid his electricity bill for a number of months, you simply take over those debts.”

As a property hunter in Spain, I tackle many of these problems before you want to buy a house in Almeria. Because I always work with the same lawyer, I have him check all the papers in advance before I offer a house for sale in my region.

Step 4: Never pay a deposit to an estate agent or private seller

“Only pay a deposit when it comes to new construction, if you buy from a project developer. So never pay an advance to a private seller, and certainly not to an estate agent. Because 'real estate agent' is not a protected profession in Spain, anyone can become a real estate agent. And you can take that literally. For example, we have already seen a clothing store that also sold real estate properties in its window, which is truly mind-blowing. In other words: brokers are not a safe '3rd party'. Because if the sale ultimately does not go through, you will not easily get your money back," says Couckuyt.

As a property hunter in Spain, I would like to make the comment that € 3,000 is always asked to take a house off the market so that you can be sure that it cannot be sold. This amount is usually paid to the broker and serves as an advance on his commission or to the lawyer of the selling party. If you are dealing with an honest real estate agent or property hunter and something goes wrong or the sale cannot go ahead for a valid reason, you will get your money back without any problems. In addition, this € 3,000 will also be deducted from the advance payment to be made and therefore ultimately also from the remaining purchase price.

Step 5: Always ask for the building permit and bank guarantee

Belgians who buy in Spain have a preference for new construction. You must take extra safety measures. “In 3 out of 5 cases, this concerns a home for which the building permit has not yet been approved, which entails a risk. Therefore, have the necessary safeguards built into the reservation agreement. The most important thing here is that nothing is paid to the builder until the building permit has been obtained. Because no building permit also means no bank guarantee. The chance that something will go wrong may be small, but you don't take any risks with such an important purchase.”

If you want to buy a house in Almeria and want to be sure that everything goes well and smoothly, please contact me as a house hunter. I will guide you from Z (search) to A (purchase) of your new home in Spain and more specifically in the eastern side of the province of Almeria.

Just think of the beautiful villages inland such as Albox, Partaloa, Almanzora, Arboleas, Zurgena, Cantoria or the coastal region where we have, for example, Vera Playa, Mojácar Playa and Garrucha.

Do you have any questions or can I help you with anything? Please contact us without obligation by email at or on the following numbers

Raf: +34 623 11 76 44 ( NL - EN - ES - FR )

Nancy: +34 623 11 84 58 ( NL - FR - EN )

Are you looking for a house, apartment, cortijo or a villa in Almeria, Murcia or Alicante (Costa Blanca south), then be sure to click on the button below.

Source: Belgian TV program 'Huizenjagers Buitenland' and the five-step plan to buy a home in Spain (

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