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Investing in the Costa Blanca South

Discover the investment opportunities on the Costa Blanca South and Murcia

Who doesn't dream of spending the sad and cold winter months in the sun with wonderful temperatures? The Costa Blanca South and the Costa Cálida are a true paradise for anyone looking for a good, pleasant and quiet life under the sun.

On the sun-drenched east coast of Spain we find the Costa Blanca south and Murcia. It is not only wonderful to go on holiday here, but this region also offers numerous investment opportunities in real estate.

In recent years, this region has developed rapidly and is increasingly attracting investors from every corner of the world who are looking for a profitable investment with a guaranteed increase in value.

Why Invest on the Costa Blanca South?

The Costa Blanca South is a part of the coastal strip located in the province of Alicante.

The capital of the same name has a flourishing economy in various sectors such as tourism, industry and trade. This makes the Costa Blanca South an attractive place for investors who are looking for an investment with a lot of potential and, above all, a stable investment.

Investing in real estate on the Costa Blanca South offers several advantages. The beautiful beaches, Mediterranean lifestyle and rich culture make this region very attractive, which of course supports rental income. In addition, the region has a stable real estate market with constant demand from both tourists and local residents.

Property prices on the Costa Blanca South are also still competitive compared to other coastal areas in Europe. This offers investors a better and greater opportunity to invest in a valuable asset that, with the right approach, can yield a nice investment and savings pot in the long term.

It is also important to know that this region has experienced significant economic growth in recent years, which naturally increases the chance of an increase in the value of your valuable property.

Alicante has its own international airport with flights to and from other European destinations, making the Costa Blanca South easily accessible for tourists and potential tenants. This naturally increases the attractiveness of this region for investors because tourism in this region can be a stable source of rental income.

Why invest in Murcia?

In Murcia, a province located south of Alicante, investors are interested by the charming cities and even more so by the growing economy. Murcia has many historical sights and beautiful nature reserves, which of course also attracts tourism and the province is also located on the east coast of Spain.

The real estate market in Murcia has recently become an emerging market and this naturally offers opportunities to investors. The city of Murcia itself and the surrounding coastal towns, such as San Pedro del Pinatar, Santiago de la Ribera and Los Alcázares, but also more inland such as Roldán for example, have a variety of real estate projects. Are you going to invest in a holiday apartment or a home for long-term rental? Due to the diversity in these regions, there is always a project that suits your needs.

Murcia also has its smaller airport (Corvera) which is accessible from several European airports making this region attractive for tourism.

Murcia is known for its beautiful natural beauty, including the Mar Menor, the largest saltwater lagoon in Europe and the Sierra de la Pila mountains. These natural attractions and the various golf courses attract tourists looking for relaxation and outdoor activities. This increases the chance of holiday rental, which can generate a permanent source of income and cash flow in the long term.

In summary why investing in real estate on the Costa Blanca and Murcia is a good idea

Alicante and Murcia, two popular areas on the Costa Blanca South, offer attractive real estate investments. Both Alicante and Mucia have a thriving economy, a growing real estate market and an attractive lifestyle that make these regions attractive for investors and tourism. Are you looking for long-term rental income or a holiday home, the Costa Blanca South has everything to offer for smart investors who want to utilize the potential of these regions in Spain.

However, it remains important to make your investment carefully and with the advice of experts. This way you can make the right decisions according to your financial situation and goals.

Why collaborate with Real Estate La Vida feliz for your investment on the Costa Blanca and in Murcia?

Real Estate La Vida Feliz is surrounded by a professional team. We work with renowned architects, architects, lawyers and more importantly, most of the properties we offer on the Costa Blanca and Murcia are new construction projects from a building developer who has more than 20 years of experience in this sector and has already sold hundreds of projects.

We are a small real estate agency with more than 25 years of commercial experience in the construction sector, including 10 years for an international company. We know better than anyone that personal contact, a personal approach, honesty and transparent communication are important and that is exactly what we do. With us you will never be faced with any surprises.

At Reaal Estate La Vida Feliz we guide you from the beginning to the end and far beyond.

Bovenop dit alles bieden wij ook keyholding, ofwel sleutelbeheer pakketten aan, aangepast aan uw noden en wensen en dit voor de regio's waarin wij huizen verkopen. Zo ben je altijd zeker dan jouw investering aan de Costa Blanca in goede handen is.

On top of all this, we also offer keyholding, or key management packages, adapted to your needs and wishes for the regions in which we sell houses. This way you can always be sure that your investment on the Costa Blanca is in good hands.

More information about these packages can be found on our website Keyholding in Almeria at Real Estate La Vida Feliz in Albox (

And as if these are not reasons enough, we are currently looking at starting up additional rental management for both holiday rentals and long-term rentals.

Continue to follow our news page and you will be the first to be informed when we start this service. The perfect opportunity for you to rent out your prized possession on the Costa Blanca.

If you have any questions or are interested in investing in real estate on the Costa Blanca, please feel free to contact us via the contact form, by email at or on the numbers below

Raf: +34 623 11 76 44 ( NL - EN - ES - FR )

Nancy: +34 623 11 84 58 ( NL - FR - EN )

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