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How to start a BandB in Almeria

How to buy a house in Almeria and how to start a BandB?

How to start a BandB in Spain

Obtaining a license to run a B&B can sometimes be very difficult. But if you follow the rules and don't jump into this headlong, everything will run smoothly. Of course, as a house hunter in Spain I can assist with this.

Rustic land is the land where only agriculture, forest and nature activity can be developed and allowed. Purely tourist activities are therefore not approved in principle.

Therefore, when a Casa Rural, B&B or campsite is projected in this country, it is required to obtain special approval from the local and regional administration where a use other than agriculture is specifically permitted for that land. In this case, the plot must have a size of at least 5,000 m2, with appropriate parking spaces, etc... A DIC (Declaración de Interés Comunitario) can be avoided when the buildings do not exceed 20% of the plot area, and this by explicit exemption from the town hall.

The fastest way to get an accommodation/food business is to apply for a “Casa Rural” permit. Be sure to read this article to the end and discover how it can be done easily.

The difficulty in obtaining permission for this type of business is that you must have a project submitted by an architect, including environmental studies, studies of engineers regarding noise, environmental impacts, environmental protection, certification of water and electricity suppliers that guarantee that the customers can use this service to obtain a campsite or hotel permit.

This, in areas where they are outside urbanized areas, by a pre-project of an architect, to be presented to the Town Hall to see what their response is to pass the classification of the use of the plot of " agricultural"' to "commercial". This action is called "Declaración de Interés Comunitario" (DIC), which simply means that although the land is to be used only for agricultural and forest purposes, the "local community" accepts the plot for "Commercial" activity because of its "public interest and community benefit”.

In the event that after studying the "pre-project" the first impression of the Town Hall is positive, it will be necessary to prepare the "Final Project", which is a new project supplemented in much more detail with studies on environmental impact, health, energy supply such as water, electricity. (guarantees must be provided that there will be drinking water and sufficient electricity supply for all guests and the installations used, that the environment will not be damaged, that there will be no wastage of water or damage to the ecological infrastructure, etc. be applied.

This final project must be submitted to City Hall who will decide whether to approve the project initially.

In the event that the City Hall accepts it, the project will be passed on to ANY ONE of the various departments of the regional government to approve the project: tourist service, sanitary service, environmental service, industry, etc. If only ONE of these departments rejects the project, it is automatically rejected.

If the Regional Government approves the project, they will indicate all necessary work that you need to carry out in the property. They may ask you the following questions before you obtain a permit to open a bed and breakfast.

  • Electricity: If the electrical power obtained through the current line is not sufficient to carry out the intended business, then you will have to pay for the necessary increase, which sometimes requires the construction of a new line. (sometimes infrastructure work must be carried out and paid for, for example to bring electricity from a very long distance to the home, installation of pylons for which permission must be obtained from the owners of the plots where the points and pylons are installed , etc.) and... if necessary, even pay for a new transformer to receive more electricity.

  • Water: drinking water is essential for the company. You must therefore be sure that the property is connected to DRINKING WATER and, if this is not the case, you must pay for the works to make the connection from the nearest connection point or you must install a water deposit in which you can provide certified drinking water. to deliver.

Alternatively, you can think of making a borewell on your land to get water for the business. In this case you will need again:

  1. Detect if there is water in the subsurface, and that this water does not belong to someone else (perhaps this is a declared underground conduit owned by another owner or company).

  2. Check the quality of the water to see if it meets quality standards.

  3. That it is not prohibited in the area to extract water from the subsurface

  4. Prepare a technical project signed and certified by an engineer

  5. Presenting the project to the Spanish local government to obtain approval from the town hall

  6. Paying the costs of the Well works

  7. Install the necessary elements to guarantee drinking water quality, such as purification systems, etc., and all with materials certified and approved by the European Community.

  • Roads: The Spanish administration may require you to improve the roads and access in the area, sometimes even paving surrounding roads to and from your property.

  • Purification and wastewater treatment: treatment of residual water is essential to obtain permission, sometimes involving installation of collection and purification systems and plants.

  • And furthermore: * Ample parking sufficient for the maximum capacity of guests * Security and health programs (in case of fire, flood, accidents, etc.)

Then, if ALL regional Departments accept the project, the land where the property is located will be transferred from "rustic" to "commercial/hotel" and you will be asked to carry out the above works according to the administration conditions.

Once the infrastructure works are completed, you can apply for the ACTIVITY PERMIT for the town hall.

Other requirements:

  • Required to register yourself as a self-employed person or set up a legally registered company in Spain.

  • If you serve food on the premises, you must obtain a food handling permit ("food handler"). Even if you obtained this license in your country of origin, you must have it legalized in Spain and/or pass an exam (in Spanish).

So, in CONCLUSION, if you are considering opening a B&B in rustic country, these are the steps to follow:

STEP 1.- OBTAINING THE DIC (“Declaración de Interés Comunitario”)

Pre-project. The moment you have in mind to start a bed and breakfast in Spain, the first thing you need to do is design that project through plans and detailed project documentation prepared by an architect. This project would be a first project that we call preliminary project.

Average time to prepare an architect's pre-project: 1-3 months

First impression of town hall. This project should be submitted to the municipal council to give us an idea whether, once all possible works and modifications of buildings, infrastructure, etc. have been carried out, the municipality would be willing to change the classification of the land and approve the project.

Average time to get a response from City Hall: 1-3 months

Final project. Preparation of the final project by the architect and the rest of the engineers. After obtaining confirmation from council that they would be willing to approve a final design declaration of Community Interest, the final project is prepared through plans by architects, engineers, etc., as set out in this article.

Average time to get a final project from an architect: 3-9 months

Approval by City Hall. Approval of the project by the municipality.

Average time to get final project approved by City Hall 6-12 months

Approval by the regional government. Approval by all departments of the regional government such as industry, tourism, environment, etc.

Average time to get the final answer from the regional government: 1-3 years

So, if the total period to obtain the DIC can take 2-6 years depending on the project and the region.


Once the declaration of community interest has been obtained, a project for opening a permit must be presented to the city hall. This will be passed on to the town hall from another project by the architect (this time focused on the business activity).

This license can last 1-4 years depending on the project and area.


If the city hall approves the project for the activity, you will receive the license and you will also need:

Registration of the company as a self-employed person or society, as well as all health requirements and permits, food handler, etc., and registration of the company in the tourist / business Dpt.

This registration can take 1-6 months.


The above information is aimed if you decide to start a bed and breakfast in a rustic country in Spain. If you wish to open the business in an 'urban' area, and if the municipality allows this, you do not need to obtain the DIC (step 1) and go directly to steps 2 and 3.

In addition, the surface area of the B&B is also decisive. If you have a B&B area that is less than 300 m², you can apply for a permit for the province of Almeria directly from the Junta Andalucía and if everything turns out to be correct during the application, you will usually receive your license within 14 days.

This article is not an official guide, so it cannot be used without proper advice from specialists.

Because this is quite a procedure and knowing the right people in the right place is very important here, I, as Real Estate La Vida Feliz, will assist you throughout this process.

If you have any questions about how to start a BandB in Almeria, please let us know by email at or on the numbers below (also Whatsapp)

Raf: +34 623 11 76 44 (NL - EN - ES - FR)

Nancy: +34 623 11 84 58 (NL - FR - EN)

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